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Japanese Tadoku/Book-reading Club In-Person at TLC (Mon., 6:30-7:30)

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Tomi Kawamura
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Enrollment for this class is currently closed.


** This class will be held at the TLC main office at 220 French Landing Drive, Nashville, TN

Instructor: Tomi Kawamura

This course is for learners at a Japanese proficiency level of CEFR B1/ ACTFL intermediate and above. Learners in this class will develop their reading and conversational skills as well as deepen their knowledge of Japanese literature and culture by reading a Japanese language book in and out of class and discussing it. "Tadoku" means "to read a lot" and is a method of acquiring Japanese through reading a lot. This is not intensive reading, but rather extensive reading without translation.

Especially at the intermediate and advanced levels, this method is expected to improve kanji, vocabulary, and conversation skills while having fun.

The class will start with an easy level book, read aloud in turn, and then discussing the book. Grammar points and particular vocabulary will be reviewed as needed, but the focus of the course is to improve students' ability and confidence in reading, speaking, and listening to Japanese through reading aloud. Another important objective is to enjoy Japanese literature and culture.

Can-Do Statements: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

·         Reading and comprehending Japanese text such as stories and articles at JLPT level 5 to 3

·         Deepen their knowledge and understanding the Japanese culture and traditions through enjoying reading

·         Participate in book talks and discuss the themes of the book

·         Strengthen speech and narration skills with practice in reading aloud Japanese texts

Use of the Language: This course has been designed in such a way that most of the class time will be devoted to communication and will be taught in the target language (i.e., the language that you are studying).  As you already have some experience with the language, you are encouraged to use the target language as much as possible from Day 1.  You are not expected to understand everything, and you can expect to be pushed beyond your comfort zone. However, your instructor is there to make sure you can succeed in meeting the goals of the activities and of the class in general.  Our goal is for you to be able to communicate in the target language, and we cannot learn to speak a language without speaking it.  Please remember that we learn best by making mistakes, and we encourage you to try to do your best.  Don’t forget that your instructor is there to support you in class and is also available via the Matrix messaging system for assistance.

Expectations/Time Commitment: The learners in this class are required to prepare, practice and review for the minimum of 2 hours each week outside of the class to develop their Japanese proficiency.


Required Materials: Materials will be provided by the instructor.

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