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Japanese Calligraphy In-Person at TLC (Saturday, 9-11am)

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Tomi Kawamura
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Enrollment for this class is currently closed.


** This class will be held at the TLC main office at 220 French Landing Dr, Nashville, TN

Instructor: Tomi Kawamura

Objective: In this class, we will build on basic handwriting skills acquired in Beginner 1. Practice will focus on accurate writing of hiragana, katakana, and N5 kanji, as well as techniques for Japanese pen and brush writing, kaisho script(楷書), and knowledge of Japanese culture and customs. Learners will improve their knowledge and skills in Japanese writing and gain confidence in handwriting as they learn pen and brush skills. Learners who take this course over several semesters or who already have some previous experience will learn gyosho script(semi-cursive style, 行書) as a developmental study, based on their level of skill.

The instructor will guide learners in the cultural exploration of seasonal events and cultural customs observed in Japan throughout the year. The ability to write hiragana and katakana and some basic kanji is a prerequisite for this course. Students must be willing to learn to write Japanese characters correctly.


Can-Do Statements: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

・Write hiragana and katakana correctly

・Get used to reading and writing N5 level Chinese characters

・Get used to handling calligraphy tools

・Write correct characters according to the stroke order,

・Paying attention to the stippling and the shape of the characters(pen)

・Arrange the glyphs, understand the arrangement of letters, and write in a regular script. (Brush)

・ Write Gyosho script based on rules with changes and variations from the Kaisho script basics.



Expectations/Time Commitment: Learners should plan to practice about 4 hours of homework each week.


Required Materials: (Note: the workbook may be purchased from the vendor of your choice; one possible source is linked below)

 1.  Japanese Calligraphy: Letters with Brash and Sumi Ink – The Basics (ISBN 9781300261797)


*Supplemental materials will be provided by the instructor.


2. Calligraphy tools. Purchasing calligraphy tools is recommended to be discussed with the instructor in advance.

1.       Japanese Calligraphy Brush Buy here or here.

2.        Calligraphy paper

3.        Calligraphy Sumi ink


PRACTICAL KANJI 基礎500漢字<Vol.1>読んで 書いて 聞いて(ISBN 9784872179750)

This course will cover the textbook " Japanese Calligraphy: Letters with Brash and Sumi Ink " in entirety.

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